1. No Bunting. This game may be for kids, but it’s not for sissies.
  2. No Balls, no Strikes, everyone gets to get a kick in. But whiffs are outs! Don’t whiff.
  3. No Balls to the Face. It’s kickball so you can throw people out, but never in the face. That’s a quick way to get yourself thrown out of the game. Stay below the shoulders. No mean throw outs.
  4. No leadoffs. No stealing bases. It’s called ‘kickball’, it’s about the kicking. D’uh.
  5. No Cheating is allowed, unless a generous sense of humor is used in accomplishing such.
  6. No Mean Yelling. Hey, do you come to these games to lose friends or make ’em? Regular hooting and hollering is welcomed, though.
  7. Teams are CoEd. This is both a gentleman’s game and a true lady’s sport.
  8. Everyone gets to play, but Only 11 Per Team on the field, including pitcher and catcher.