About the San Francisco Kickball Coalition

Blasting straight from the Rocky Mountains directly into your face and overloading your life with fun comes a Coloradan past-time that has proven itself to be not only a grand way of creating new friendships and maintaining old ones but of celebrating life in one of the purest forms we knew of: a game for children.

Despite the bitter rumblings of people who would say that you cannot go home again, that youth is wasted on the young, that childhood games should be left in childhood, we say this: those people are a lot unhappier than we are. If you’re too busy yelling at kids on your lawn, then you won’t be invited to the field.

If you appreciate a good pair of short shorts coupled with some knee-high socks and a healthy attitude for fun, however, then lace up your shoes and girdle your loins. Steady your nerves and stretch your calves. Call your boss and tell her you won’t be in the office this Sunday. Call your parents and tell them you aren’t asking for permission. Call anyone you love and invite them.

It’s time for kickball!