RC Cola!!

Yeah, so last weekend was pretty awesome.

It didn’t start out that way… the weather didn’t cooperate. It was overcast and a bit cold. When we got to the field to setup, we found that there were a number of other groups taking the whole space up. But we were persistent and carved out enough space for a game, but then nobody showed up. We only had about 12 people at about 2:30 and things were looking rather grim, but then, as always, something awesome happened. One of those “other groups” that was playing sloshball challenged us!! Oh and did we rise to the occasion.

What happened next was a great game of kickball. We scored, they scored, we made great plays, they made great plays, we won a chugoff and the best part is, we all meet new people. That’s the true spirit of SFKBC my friends. Even when things look down, it’s the power of kickball that brings us all together. It was a great game, and we much look forward to playing may more games with our new friends!

Next game is this Sunday @ Lindley Meadow. Let’s kick some balls!