On Sunday, in Golden Gate Park, you could hear the echoes of of steel on steel and see the sparks fly upward as iron-forged instruments clashed and battled. Teeth bared, fists clenched, valiant men and women gave their lives. This was due to the Medieval War Enthusiasts Club down the way, but we were also there, playing kickball a little more peacefully. While the spirit of competition was present with us, there were no swords or maces, though there were at least 3 semiautomatic weapons laying around. You know, it’s just a children’s game in the park. And what’s any children’s game without a healthy amount of VIOLENCE?

Sunday’s match-up pitted Team Knowledge against a team that I Wasn’t On, so it may as well have been populated by total strangers. I do know that the moment these people, who have become my friends, are selected for the opposite team, the light in my eyes dims and all patterns of recognition are gone. They are robots on the field, and I must destroy them one by one. As usual, these feelings of rage and competitiveness were reverberating in everyone, yielding some of the most vicious results I’ve seen in a while:

Mother of god.

The total score was a hardily-won 11 to 10 or something like that by the Other Team. They fought for it, they got it, and what can you do but give it to them? Who am I to deny that pleasure? And yet, Team Knowledge did consistently “drop the Knowledge” in an INCREDIBLE FASHION. I would have the team listings and attributes up, but I do not have photos present to allow that. What I also do not have photos of is the first cross-field match, which was from a RIVAL TEAM from Vermont. We had just wrapped up our game, but were courted from a field next to us to engage in a game. We played for two innings, as that’s about all we had in us, but I think we won. I think.

New friends were made, and now, here’s some bonus photos of some SFKBC members joining myself and my roommates and the band during Bay To Breakers. I’m wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. It was a joy to see all of you.

Here’s the cop who ordered us to shut it down:


Kickball is back after a Bay To Breakers break, and if this last game was any indication, it’s getting better and better. To stress: new people are always welcome, fun is always encouraged, and dogs on the field = clapping. That’s the rules. I didn’t make ’em (I did).

Our next game is at the same place: Speedway Meadows, 2:00pm! Get there, and get awesome!



edit: This post has no actual photos of us playing kickball yet, which is great. Please remember to tag your photos with “sfkbc” if you send them to Flikr! Otherwise, please be aware of our Facebook group.